How to pass your driving test easily and with a great confidence ?


 Hi, my name is Jack , Jack Hoffmann. I am a retired driver examiner with over 15 years of experience conducting thousands of road tests. Based on this unique experience  and knowledge, I have created   an educational video that helps to take the G road test  with a great confidence.
Everybody who comes to one of  Drive Test locations expects to pass the road test. Unfortunately, a lot of the applicants, even if they do not commit any traffic violations or dangerous actions during the road test,  to their surprise, are not successful.  In order to pass it, they should  just demonstrate what examiners expect them to do.

 This one hour long  educational video  is available 24/7.  It is divided up into 10 lessons and each lesson covers a part  of the road test such as:  turns, lane changes, driving in business and residential areas, stop intersections, through intersections, driving on expressways, curves, roadside stop, three point turn and parallel park. Basically it is about what you should do and what you must not do before and during the test in order to pass it.
So, do yourself a favor, and watch the video,  before booking the road test.    

           I can not guarantee that you pass your road test, but I can guarantee a full refund, if you don't.*                
            Although the video is based on Ontario requirements, the concepts are applicable nationwide. 

They are perfect for students of driving schools, new immigrants with some prior driving experience

and senior drivers.

After viewing the educational video lessons you may say something like that:

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*Refund policy: You are entitled to the full refund if the reason  for not passing the road test is not because of a traffic violation , dangerous action  and/or termination of the test due to lack of skills and/or safety reasons, but  because of  too many errors The road test must be taken  within 50 days from  the day of purchasing the educational video.  Valid in Ontario. It only applies to the purchase option. 

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